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Rogue Waves: Future-Proof Your Business to Survive and Profit from Radical Change

By Angel Venture Fair (other events)

Friday, February 4 2022 12:00 PM 1:00 PM EST

A renowned business futurist shows leaders how their companies can adapt, survive, and thrive in times of radical disruption caused by the convergence of economic, technological, and social change.

Today’s businesses are sailing in stormy waters—financial crises, pandemics, social chaos, trade wars, AI—with the waves getting bigger every day. In the ocean, a collision of waves can create 85-foot walls of water called rogue waves, which can sink a ship in seconds. These rogue waves aren’t predictable, but they are forecastable—much like the radical changes that businesses face in our current climate. If you can get ahead of them, you can profit from them.

This must-read survival guide from innovation expert and business futurist Jonathan Brill shows leaders how their organizations can navigate these waves, ride out the fiercest of storms, and come out stronger on the other side. Drawing from years of experience as a Fortune 500 executive, advisor, and entrepreneur, Brill gives business leaders a practical action plan to:

  • Capitalize on the 10 economic, technological, and social trends, or waves, most likely to collide and reshape the business world
  • Implement techniques that all managers at any level can use to turn sudden risks into outsized opportunities
  • Create a culture of entrepreneurship and experimentation
  • Learn and scale the leadership skills and processes that will help transform their companies into resilient and adaptable organizations

Timely, important, and essential, Rogue Waves equips business leaders with the predictive tools they need to take advantage of randomness, turn chaos into profit, and control their future, so that their companies thrive—while their competitors are washed away.