Meet Kevin Torf Author of "Getting the Job Done: Practical Advice and Real-World Anecdotes to Manage Successful PROJ.EC.T.S."

By Angel Venture Fair (other events)

Friday, July 15 2022 12:00 PM 1:00 PM EDT

Today’s workplace has evolved. Yet the strategies to empower employees and teams are still maturing. Getting the Job Done fills this gap by providing a practical framework to inspire teams and keep them accountable for ultimate success. Rather than impose a single method to make you a better project manager, Getting the Job Done gives a flexible strategy that will help you lead confidently, take advantage of all the perspectives on your team, and get the job done on time without having to sacrifice quality.

Conveyed through 100 educational, factual, and relatable project management tips, T2’s framework will keep your team engaged, responsible, and transparent. Through our “getting the job done” philosophy—the key to how we’ve led healthcare tech consulting for over fifteen years—you will master the building blocks of effective project management, as outlined by our acronym P.R.O.J.E.C.T.S:

  • Planning
  • Reflection
  • Organization
  • Juggling
  • Empowerment
  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Standards

With the compact analysis of each block, followed by clear bite-sized tips, and concluding with T2’s case studies, you and your team will discover and create a new culture that can be used in both life and business.

Elevate your team and organization’s capabilities and discover how projects can turn from overwhelming undertakings into successful collaborations.


Kevin Torf is an information systems executive with a career spanning more than forty years. He specializes in large-scale IT strategic plans, project design, procurement, and implementation. Kevin is also a co-founder and managing partner of T2 Group. He developed the company’s hybrid-Agile methodology, which is used by T2 program and project managers to plan and implement client projects. He serves as a chief strategist and advisor for leading hospital systems in the United States.

Prior to co-founding T2, Kevin founded and sold several technology companies including Intelliverse, Mobile Gaming Technologies, Inuntius, Tornado Development, and Torsys. He has also held senior roles as CEO, CTO, and CIO and other board positions. Getting the Job Done is his first book.